The Muslim Educational Society (MES) has issued to stopping female students from wearing spiritual veils at its educational establishments in India. The Kozhikode-based MES, which was based in 1964, runs 35 schools and 72 schools. It’s certainly one of the most important educational businesses in India, with one lakh students in their machine.
According to the circular, issued through MES President PA Fazal Gafoor, students in institutions run via the MES will no longer be able to wear religious veils that cowl their faces. “Institution heads and officer-bearers of the nearby management of the establishments should be vigilant,” it states.
Fazal Gafoor has in the past overtly adverse the niqab or veil. In 2014, he had said that the niqab becomes un-Islamic and changed into a western import. He had additionally strongly antagonistic the usage of niqab announcing that blocking daylight on the face via wearing it continuously can bring about Vitamin D deficiency in Muslim girls.
“This isn’t Taliban-dominated Afghanistan. This is India wherein there is freedom of speech.I have all of the right to speak towards the custom. We might also have differing views on numerous topics. But we have the liberty to specific our opinion. Covering of face can’t be considered as Islamic. Nowhere in Islam is it stated that faces must be protected,” he had stated at the time.
The circular, which became issued on April 17, surfaced this week and has seen that been widely reported in nearby and national media.
The MES’s selection comes within the wake of a Kerala High Court order from December 2018. Two Muslim lady students belonging to Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School in Thiruvallam in Thiruvananthapuram had filed a petition looking for to put on headscarves and full-sleeve shirts, despite the fact that the faculty had a student uniform. The High Court had refused to intervene the college’s refusal of the students’ request. While upholding the faculty’s proper to refusal, the High Court had stated, “while there’s a concern of interest, man or woman interest ought to yield to the larger hobby.”
PA Fazal Gafoor’s views on the veil are famous and it seems the High Court order has helped him to introduce the rule of thumb in his instructional establishments. However, it is not likely that many leaders of the Muslim community will receive this. Malayalam channels have reported that the Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, the most important Muslim agency in Kerala, has already rejected it.
Quoting the High Court order, the MES circular says, “According to the High Court order, female college students have to wear no longer garments that cover their face. This need to be implemented without giving way to controversy,” the round states. The path in the round ought to be applied beginning inside the 2019-20 educational yr. It also directs institutions to comprise the brand new rule inside the educational calendar.
MES become based via Fazal Gafoor’s father, PK Abdul Gafoor. It has establishments at some stage in Kerala, neighboring states and in the Middle East.
“The MES has no proper to interfere in religious practices. Unlike Samantha, they are not an organisation entitled to make the one’s varieties of statements,” in line with President Sayyid Muhammad Jifri Muthukkoya Thangal.

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