On the directives of Deputy Commissioner Attock, Ishrat Ullah Khan Niazi, Social Welfare Department has banned 38 SWOs (Social Welfare Organisations) which have been violating in their articles of affiliation and opposite to the provisions of the voluntary social welfare firms (Registration and Control) ordinance 1961.

According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, those VSWA (Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies) neither approached the Regulating Authority in response to notices served upon them nor availed the possibility of being heard underneath segment 10(1) of the ordinance 1961.

Following welfare organisations stand dissolved and their registration underneath the ordinance stand canceled which consist of Alkhidmat Welfare Society Ghoramar, Social Welfare Society Mirza, Social Welfare Society Shakardara, Kashtkar Welfare Association Hajishah, Sustainable Development Association Attock, Young Welfare and Educational Organisation Attock, Anjuman Taaleem o Falah Kamra, Women Welfare Society Attock Kanz ul Eman Welfare Society Attock, Almadad Welfare Society Attock.

Q: How can SL be used for business education?
Berry: Ah, there’s an interesting question! There are over 200 academic establishments, generally American universities, with a presence in SL. The Educators List serv now has over 3,000 members, and all of them are searching for how high-quality to use the technology for educational functions. What is thrilling to me is that the primary educational agencies are in Health, Technology, the Arts and Social Sciences. Apart from Babson, INSEAD, and Boconni, I am now not privy to any business school with a longtime presence that uses SL often. And yet the capability to apply SL for business and management education is simply main: here we have a global society with a mean age of around 38, an actual economy to experiment with, a wealth of actual social relationships to set up, a generation which permits a cohort of students from round the world to have interaction synchronously, and an environment which itself fosters innovation and creativity. In addition, it affords a genuinely value-powerful manner to provide train-student interplay. So, the ability is substantial. But how quality to apply it? Well, one aspect I’m certain of: the worst aspect to do is to try to recreate a study room in SL, and convey in a particular group of students and give them a lecture (Berry laughs). At the moment, I see two areas where business training ought to maximize effectiveness: the primary area relates to ‘serious games’ or ‘roleplay’ or ‘case studies’. At the moment, many guides rely on case studies and ask students to comment on them, or role-plays their manner through them. There also are many pc-based simulations out there. But all of these have a degree of falsehood about them – either they’re historical, or based totally on conceptual models or anticipate the participants to adopt roles or even traits which aren’t ‘herbal’. Using SL, one may want to get a collection of college students to truely increase a business, make merchandise, market and promote them, analyze the troubles involved and document again on them based totally on absolutely actual interactions with the relaxation of the population. In terms of leadership, one of the issues that multi-nationals face is a way to increase influenced digital teams running throughout the globe. What better surroundings could there be than SL for the improvement of such talents? Indeed, several businesses are using SL for that motive already. So SL gives a platform for growing leadership and control skills in an actual context. The 2d area is the availability of instructional and mentoring help. The use of avatars for interplay seems to have an effect that is some distance more potent than mere e mail or maybe chat communications. As college students’ expectancies upward thrust, academic institutions will have to find ways of offering a ‘mass-customized’ service, and virtual global technologies offer a fee-effective manner of offering individualized help in an advanced way to the current Web 2.Zero platforms which include Blackboard or Moodle. These will now not disappear, of course. There are corporations running on the way to meld them into SL proper now. But digital international era is more powerful and attractive for this form of interplay. Beyond these regions, there are I am certain, many other potential educational equipment and techniques which can be but to be created.
When we consider offers, the first component that comes to the primary issue that comes to mind for many of us is training. This isn’t always simply due to the truth that there are several grants to be had for education. It is because of the fact that this concept has been with us for quite some time now. It has given departments and college students alike regions to assignment into, areas that aside from the furnish they might in no way have entered.
Types of Education Grants
There are many varieties of presents supplied through the authorities, non-earnings businesses in addition to within the non-public sector. There are education offers available for kids in addition to for adults.
For example, there may be the Toshiba America Foundation that gives grants with a purpose to help K-12 students inside the areas of Mathematics and Science. On the other hand, there may be also the Citi Group Foundation they provide offers for individuals who are pursuing a direction (research) in Financial Education.

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