As one of the exceptional-attended county festivals in Tennessee, the Williamson County Fair has made up an excellent bit of ground in its 15 years.

After all, previous to the truthful’s return in 2004, Williamson Countians had to do without the ag demonstrations, the wacky stunts and the midway for years upon years. If they wanted any fair movement, they needed to visit neighboring counties as late summertime turned into ushered in or head to Nashville for the once a year Tennessee State Fair.

“It changed into gone for 55 years, over half of a decade,” Williamson County Mayor and Fair Chairman Rogers Anderson said. “What led us returned to the truthful turned into, we have been trying to find different uses for the [then-new Williamson County Ag Expo Center] so people should pop out and notice what we had. We first started out with agritourism and kicked that around, and notion, nicely, why no longer a fair? It took approximately a year and a 1/2, two years reading different fairs, talking to other fair humans.”
It may not have the records or the stamina of, say, the Wilson County Fair, but it has ended up a fair to remember in its three components of agriculture, training, and leisure.
“The last yr we had over 200,000 humans are available in the course of the nine days of the honest,” Anderson said. “We’ll be in the top 10 of attendance in county fairs in Tennessee.”
Though the Williamson County Fair starts Friday at 7 p.M. And runs via Saturday, Aug. 10, at 10 p.M. (nighttime for the halfway), there may be still time for folks to get concerned inside the fair besides buying a price ticket. For one, entries are nevertheless being general in categories consisting of agriculture, livestock, creative, culinary and cultural arts, pageants and 4-H and kids.
“We obtained greater than 7,300 entries for aggressive occasions final yr and are well on our manner to surpassing that number in 2019,” Anderson stated in a press release. “Each year we add new classes that we consider will appeal to more fairgoers, and we are thrilled with the intention to support and encourage neighborhood opposition amongst every age with the aid of providing charges, ribbons and other exciting prizes.”
There are also vacancies for volunteers in a selection of roles, inclusive of assistance in Little 1’s Farming and other famous and courteously carts that constantly run all through the parking areas presenting drop-off and pick-up on the ticket booths until 15 minutes before last time every night. Opportunities are to be had for each large and small businesses, and teens in search of volunteer hours are welcomed to help. To inquire approximately volunteering, contact [email protected], or name 615-794-4FUN (4386).
“We use a little over 2,000 volunteers,” Anderson stated. “There’s a lot to do and we encourage people to pop out and help.”
This 12 months’ fair will consist of no longer most effective its famous midway of rides upon rides, but may also have a circus on the grounds. Known as the Piccolo Zoppe Circus that had its beginnings in nineteenth-century Italy, it’s going to characteristic a whole array of traditional circus performances.
Jurassic Kingdom makes a return as nicely.
Anderson stated the truthful couldn’t appear without its lineup of sponsors, lots of which date to the beginning. He also confused one of the maximum important capabilities of the honest.
“We spent pretty a chunk of time and training this year beefing up our handwashing stations,” he said. “When the infants or the adults contact an animal, get to a hand station to get off the bacteria.”

I respect Parents today who’ve chosen not to entertain an infant’s senses by the conventional educational books of society, and un-faculty their children. It takes the first-rate character as a way to unleash the traditions of society and culture and allow the advantageous freedom of the innovative thoughts to go to paintings for itself.
For the ones of you who do now not recognize what un-education is, it is my notion it’s miles permitting the kid entire freedom to select what they’ll have a look at and whilst they’ll take a look at it. It is used inside the regard that “whilst the child is ready,” they will do it and have a look at it. In different phrases, “do now not push the child.”
Un-schooling desires to be challenged, tested and carried out for its sparkling unique technique and for its unritual, unpublic, mind-set and rivalry it’s miles arousing amongst the closed minded. With the right foundational help this tactic can be an extremely good method of permitting the light in, even if it is raining.
When I was developing up my thoughts worked in obligatory mode, due to the fact the teacher told me I needed to do the work, whether or not it fascinated me or no longer. My option became to flunk out of college if I did not do the work. What a desire!
The un-education technique is just the other of the way it became for me and for my personal 3 boys who’re home educated. I don’t think that I am any smarter than un-schooled youngsters because I had to positioned my nostril to the grindstone, but I suppose it taught me subject and persistence.

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