(MENAFN – Gulf Times) This month, ExxonMobil Qatar welcomed interns to its summer internship program that has been running due to the fact 2006, it changed into introduced Monday.
The program affords college students from neighborhood universities, which include Qatar University and Texas A & M University at Qatar, with insight into Qatar’s energy enterprise, and spotlight how the company is supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030 via its national approach.
More than one hundred seventy neighborhood students have interned at ExxonMobil Qatar thus far beneath the program, shadowing the enterprise’s specialists and specialists as they pass about their each day work responsibilities.
Expanding possibilities for young human beings to research is a strategic precedence for ExxonMobil Qatar. The corporation locations a variety of emphasis on schooling, especially in technological know-how, generation, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Abdulla al-Sulaiti spent some weeks operating with ExxonMobil’s Upstream Oil and Gas crew. ‘Interning at ExxonMobil Qatar became an insightful and positive revel in. I desire to hold the competencies I received from operating as an intern and use them in different aspects of my instructional existence, he commented.
One intern turned into based totally at ExxonMobil Research Qatar (EMRQ), in which the middle’s group enables teach and put together college students and up-and-coming scientists to grow to be future leaders in multiple carried out studies tasks.
Also, three high faculty college students from Al-Maha Academy, English Modern School, and Qatar Academy additionally took component in a job shadowing software at EMRQ this summertime.
Khalid al-Naimi is this type of excessive faculty college students. He has been operating closely with the researcher, Sabrina Sketa in EMRQ’s labs, in which he’s coming across the basics of carbonate geology – an area especially relevant to Qatar. He has dealt with rock samples in diverse paperwork, from skinny sections to hand samples, and is mastering to differentiate among simple minerals, consisting of dolomite, gypsum and an assortment of clays.
‘EMRQ’s summer season internship program has given me the risk to do thrilling paintings and meet executed scientists and researchers. I’m appreciative of all the assist they gave me and the time they spent making sure I changed into mastering, explains al-Naimi.
In addition to operating carefully with expert scientists and researchers, college students are familiarised with how the middle conducts studies in regions of a not unusual hobby to Qatar and ExxonMobil, including environmental control, water reuse, LNG Process Safety, and cutting-edge geology.
‘Our internship program has continually been very unique to us. We have welcomed interns every summer for almost a decade and we are excited to have our 2019 interns work carefully with us this month, said Dr Mohamed al-Sulaiti, research director for EMRQ.

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