CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University has proposed criminal action against the management of Priyadarshini Dental College and one of its dental students Karishma Irfan for furnishing fake records to show that the student had completed her compulsory rotatory internship.
Irfan, who was awarded the degree, has registered with the dental council and is now allowed to practice dentistry. “We can declare her degree null and void, but we don’t want to do just that. The student had earlier written to us complaining against the college for demanding money for her to apply for maternity leave. We also want to ensure the college has not faked internship logbooks of more students. This needs a detailed investigation,” a university official said.
The university will discuss further course of action against the college, including police complaint with charges of forgery and cheating. It will discuss ways to prevent such incidents during the general council meeting on Tuesday. University officials refused to speak on the record but said another medical student from a self-financing college in Chennai who did not complete his internship had asked the university to consider his case and award degree. “We do not want to encourage this,” the official said.
Going by the records of Priyadarshini Dental College, the woman worked in the hospital on the day of her C-Section and months that followed without a break. Irked by the serious lapse, the university asked the college to return her degrees in March. Last week, the college dean Dr. M K Venkat Prasad wrote to the university saying that the student is not answering her phone and her father has refused to return the degree.
In February, the university officials found Karishma Irfan’s application for “condonation of the break” in compulsory rotatory internship due to maternity was pending. They also found that the college, which had applied for the condonation, declared her fit to receive BDS degree even before her leave petition could be approved. “At least ten department heads sign the attendance and give remarks of performance. The records show that a day after her delivery, March 31, 2017, she has been transferred to the department of pedodontics. She worked there for a month in April 2017, and the department has marked her performance as ‘excellent’,” the official said pointing to the internship completion schedule.

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