Apart from research, every pupil who aspires to take a look at abroad have to have a terrific resume which displays their participation in co-curricular and extracurricular sports. Community service works and activities which can display leadership abilties can make a resume stronger, writes Vivek Kumar.
Some years’ back, if someone would have requested me what are your plans after passing class 12, I might have stated taking admission in a few colleges round my native vicinity. Like many boys in my village, we don’t have huge desires. After passing class 10, I took humanities and studied sociology. The issue made me query many biases prevailing in the society like caste, gender. I started reading greater on the cultures of other countries, in particular, the US. From the identical 12 months, I concept of pursuing sociology in my undergraduate in a culturally diverse and colourful environment.
My instructors inside the college advised us to learn how to practice for a scholarship and have a look at in the most prestigious universities within the international. I studied approximately it at the net and took assist of my instructors’ in filling Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) shape. While in magnificence 12, I secured admission in Washington and Lee University, Virginia, US on complete economic useful resource. I will pursue my undergraduate studies in sociology. I will also be the primary one in my own family to sit in an aeroplane.
The supply of proposal to pursue sociology comes from the search to recognize the society to which I belong. My village Niyamatpur — kind of translated in English means land of blessing — is a remote and drought-hit district of Jalaun in Uttar Pradesh. Though the village is economically backward and has suffered many droughts, the larger difficulty here is of gender discrimination. Girls are not given identical education possibilities. They are pressured to marry at a younger age. Their fate is determined via the men in their circle of relatives.
My father, a faculty instructor always told my sister and me that tough work and dedication is the important thing to achievement. Many instances, he didn’t solution our questions on patriarchy and casteism. I felt we want to bring a trade and best education can do that.

Therefore, I took up sociology for an in-depth expertise of society. I additionally need to learn about other cultures of other international locations. Studying this problem from Washington and Lee (the US) will now not best assist me find out about their societies but also have a different angle on our society.
Test practise
I study approximately find out how to follow in the US varsities on various web sites. The admissions are primarily based on several criteria. It calls for an excellent SAT/ACT rating, sound educational overall performance, a file of extracurricular activities, network service and leadership. Firstly, I appeared for the SAT, which basically tests a student’s potential in mathematics and English. The test has four sections: analyzing, writing and language. The fourth section – arithmetic in addition has two components — math with out a calculator and math with a calculator.
In my expertise of the exam, the reading phase assessments candidates’ capacity to recognize the text in a limited period. The writing section is ready grammar. The math segment includes algebra, mathematics, geometry and some trigonometry questions. What I understood from my training changed into to examine plenty. It enhances the capacity to comprehend. One should try as many sample papers as one can to acquire a terrific SAT score.

Many colleges require college students to take the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language). It assessments students’ potential to communicate in English. It has four sections: analyzing, writing, listening and speaking. Students must take the authentic sample tests. Instead of TOEFL, many schools receive IELTS and GRE score as well as the English-proficiency test.

Resume constructing
Apart from research, each scholar who aspires to have a look at overseas ought to have a great resume which displays their participation in co-curricular and extracurricular sports. Community carrier works and activities that may show leadership capabilities could make a resume more potent. In my case, I participated in numerous sports throughout my school and took duty in the college council which represents the pupil body.
I also did a challenge to spread consciousness regarding balloting in my village. I also organised a rally in the nearby village to unfold awareness approximately the sick-results of stubble burning and providing alternate answers to it together with ploughing the closing harvest again or the usage of it even as bedding cloth for the farm animals. These things worked in my favour and built a sturdy profile.
Admission procedure
Most colleges inside the US have a want-blind admissions manner. It manner that the economic necessities of a candidate aren’t taken into consideration while assessing the application. Applicants who want financial resource need to entire the CSS profile. Applicants must provide certification of their earnings and wealth. Students whose dad and mom earn less than $2000 annually are applicable for the whole monetary aid. Income certificate of the mother or father is also needed.
I completed the complete system via November 2018. Then I started out getting ready for my boards. My joy knew no bounds after I received the provide of admission on December 14, 2018 – coincidentally my date of delivery. My mother and father have been aggravating and hesitant approximately sending me overseas. But I confident them that many Indian college students look at there and I can speak nicely in English.
I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity. At the equal time, I am additionally equipped to stand the challenges as a way to are available in my manner. I hope to do my first-rate to learn about new cultures and revel in new matters. I wish after I will come again to my country, I may be capable of deliver a completely unique outlook and make enormous inroads into developing a more equitable and just social order.

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