Muscat: Jobs in private schools, advertised recently by the Ministry of Education are genuine and not fake, as is being circulated, the Ministry of Education has confirmed.
In a statement, the Ministry said, “We noticed that after the announcement of job vacancies in private schools, some false information was circulated on the authenticity of these opportunities and whether they represent real jobs.”
“We would like to emphasise that all advertised jobs and those to be advertised represent realistic job opportunities, requested by private schools, under an employment application form approved by either the school owner or its supervisor.”
According to the Ministry, 775 jobs will be provided in private schools for the academic year 2019-20.
“As part of the State’s endeavour to provide job opportunities for public job seekers, the Ministry of Education has sought, in coordination with the concerned authorities, to create job opportunities for job seekers with a diploma in general education and educational qualifications at the bachelor’s and educational qualification levels to work in various administrative and teaching positions in schools according to their needs and this does not affect the course of investment in these school,” the statement said.
“Accordingly, this coordination resulted in the availability of (775) job opportunities in private school for the academic year 2019 / 2020. These jobs were limited by the actual needs of the private schools according to the application form supplied by the schools after a joint team of the Ministry of Education and the National Training Fund visited these schools and explained the required for the project to accelerate the pace of Omanisation, where the schools showed their desire to hire for these jobs.”

These opportunities have been announced by the Public Authority of Manpower Register, as is usually the case with such announcements.
“All those who will apply for these jobs will be trained by the National Training Fund, either on their own or for preemployment training, and the cost will not be borne by schools. In addition to other features, the fund will have to support the ability of schools to employ them,” the Ministry added.

You’ve worked your way up throughout your career, attaining a high-level rank through demonstrated achievement, dedication, and proficiency. One day, you find yourself needing to look elsewhere, and that’s where the old nagging doubt sets in: you never finished (or even started) college. What if this holds you back?
First of all, relax. There exist countless professionals, managers, and even executives who do not possess a degree, yet these same job seekers successfully ascend the career ladder just the same. What’s their secret? Much the same as you, their bottom-line contributions and hard work had become a stand-in for that coveted diploma.
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For example, when working with a telecommunications executive lacking a degree, I discussed his leadership role in a high-profile project. The end product, “Eliminated $34M in rework, slashed staff requirements for task completion, and achieved 78+% ROI by leading sales and service delivery teams to identify core revisions” speaks for itself and cuts through any doubt about his abilities.

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