ORLAND, Maine (WABI) – Getting their college students to embrace and recognize the arena that surrounds them.
That’s the aim of a workshop that drew dozens of teachers to Craig Brook Fish Hatchery in Orland Tuesday morning.
We joined them as they explored nature.
“We are looking to get nature-based resources totally into the palms of our instructors to educate our youngsters,” stated Wildlife Biologist Bob Cordes.
Three years in the past, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife teamed with Purdue University on The Nature of Teaching.
“Our children national, and that consists of Maine, have become more and more indifferent from our herbal surroundings,” explained Cordes. “More into electronics and our iPads and our Kindles and all that kind of stuff. We are just seeking to supply teachers another avenue with our standards, primarily based education to comprise nature into their lesson plan.”
“We stay in this type of global of technology, that technology is top-notch, but it has its region,” said sixth-grade trainer Libby Zipperer.
By venturing into the wild to research a few hints to take domestic, they hope they can encourage their college students.
“Things taking place because there are kids not being out of doors as a lot, they want to to explore and try new matters and discover new opportunities right of their outside,” said Kindergarten trainer Stacey Augustine.
Hannah Goodenow, a fellow Kindergarten teacher, added, “We are in school in our classroom all day. That’s a protracted day. And then they move home, and most of them are internal at their house. So, we’re seeking to contain mastering out of doors at college, so with a bit of luck they bring that domestic to their siblings or their dad and mom. And get their families outside more too. We stay in a stunning area; we need to apply it.”
The partnership with Fish and Wildlife and Purdue is coming to an end. However, the plan is to maintain the program strolling here in Maine.
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