You can begin your writing business from anywhere in the global, as long as you’ve got a solid net connection. However, there are pointers and hints to making sure your writing business stays worthwhile, here are ten examples of writing commercial enterprise thoughts you could use to release the viable first-class version of your writing business:
1. Fiverr: Writing and Translation
Fiverr is a freelancing platform that allows writers and translators from round the world to offer their offerings and entire projects for human beings. Before you are part of and set-up your profile you must see what other writers are presenting, how they’ve worded their competencies and who you’ll be competing in opposition to:
Business Name: Fiverr

Established Date: 2010
About the commercial enterprise:
Fiverr’s writing and translation phase cover every viable writing venture from article to cowl letters and product descriptions. How the enterprise works are writers will submit what they could do and what sort of they’re charging for it, then customers will pick out who they sense will do the activity the nice.
Innovative enterprise providing
Fiverr permits the writer to price; however, a whole lot you need for a particular skill or project. The writer also can decide, which projects they’ll take on. If the author has multiple talent set, they can also enlarge they’re supplying the use of the opposite categories of Fiverr.
2. Copywriter
Are you a copywriter? Do you create textual content for several initiatives inclusive of commercials, marketing brochures, press releases, tv and radio classified ads, and catalogues? You should strike out on your very own and turn out to be a contract copywriter, here is an example of someone who has performed just that:
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Business Name: Colin Corcoran

About the business:
Colin Corcoran is ranked Number 1 inside the United States with the aid of Lürzer’s Archive Magazine. He’s gained multiple awards for campaigns and adverts across several mediums. He’s also worked for more than one well-known international manufacturers.
Innovative business providing
The more versatile you are as a writer, the more jobs you can take on, the extra groups you may paintings with and the more creative groups will contact you with a challenge.
Colin Corcoran does the whole thing from print to radio, to social media and covers several industries giving him a facet over his competition.
3. Freelance Travel Writer
If you adore to tour and you’re a very good creator, you may earn cash touring to thrilling places. Before you quit your activity and hop on an aircraft, first see how this travel writer has turned travelling right into a career:
Business Name: Expert Vagabond
Established Date: 2010
About the business:
Matthew Karsten is a complete-time adventure travel blogger who has been exploring the world for the remaining nine years. He runs a tour blog where he shares entertaining memories, price range journey guidelines, laugh films, inspiring images and crazy adventures from around the arena.
He’s been featured on National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Travel Channel, New York Times and Go Pro.
Innovative commercial enterprise offering
Since Matthew Karsten is travelling around the sector besides, he additionally takes and sells professional travel pictures. This guarantees he has earnings streams that keep him afloat as he tours round the sector.
4. Proof-reader
Are you properly at recognizing errors in large amounts of writing from numerous resources? You ought to offer your proofreading offerings to anybody from students to companies.
Before you start your enterprise make sure you understand what your competition is doing, right here is an instance of a successful proofreading business and what they’re presenting:
Business Name: The Write Words
About the commercial enterprise:
The Write Words offers proofreading offerings to teachers, students, organizations and innovative writers. They specialize in dissertations, theses, essays and research proposals, but also cover newspaper and magazine articles, marketing and manuscripts.
Innovative commercial enterprise offering
Consider that to be a good evidence-reader you’ll have the same or similar experience in other areas of writing and editing. The Write Words also offers reproduction-editing, formatting, referencing and writing service to their customers.
Five. Social Media Manager
Social media has come to be the brand new manner for agencies to talk without delay with clients, this means that they want to get it right. If you have got revel in in social media advertising this could be the writing commercial enterprise concept for you.

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