If there’s any reality to the conventional information that 3 is a trend, then I have to at this moment claim this the season for writing approximately cutting up fruit as an act of love, a.Ok.A. “cut fruit summer.”
This is based totally on three records points. First came an essay titled “A Bowl of Cut Fruits Is How Asian Moms Say: I Love You” in Taste lower back in April, a prelude to the thick of “reduce fruit summer season” that we now find ourselves in. Then came the fantastically written “How the simple art of slicing fruit can be an act of affection” in the Washington Post, posted on July 25. A few days later, Bon Appetit’s Healthyish unveiled its take, “If I’m Cutting Fresh Fruit for Dessert, I Probably Love You,” whole with a photograph of mouthwateringly purple strawberries and a fascinating notion of fruit seasoned with chaat masala.
Now allow me to define the basics of “cut fruit summer time,” as extrapolated from that seemingly relatable revel in of being surpassed a bowl of cautiously sliced fruit by way of family members who go away the phrases “I love you” unspoken in prefer of greater tangible movements:
1. Next time your parents hand you an apple that’s not pre-sliced, you’ll understand precisely how they feel about you.
2. The longer it takes to prepare and present a fruit, the extra love and care it’s infused with. Blueberries dumped straight from a carton into your waiting mouth? Negligible love. Whole coconuts that require a toolbox to get at the candy flesh inner? Overflowing love!
Three. Candid verbal endearments are overrated. Life could be a lot less complicated if we ought to specific all manners of emotion via the proffering of different ingredients — as an instance, beets to communicate hatred, potatoes for sensual preference.
Four. No pie, no cake, no cookies for a candy deal with, best fruit!!!
Five. The worst element approximately developing up and leaving home is no longer having someone to cut fruit for you. Now I must rely on the grocery save and its aisles of pre-packaged, pre-cut pineapples for any semblance of affection in my solitary existence.
With all 3 cut fruit essays coming out in kind of the equal three-month period — one of hotter weather, longer days, and solar-ripened culmination — it’s almost like food writing’s very own model of the “wife man” information cycle (handiest without the urgent timeliness of a nascent net cultural phenomenon coming into its personal). Perhaps that speaks to the universality of the cut fruit tale, and the choice to look more of the non-public reviews that form our relationships with food and with loved ones meditated in the broader media. Maybe it’s confirmation that we’re all simply telling the equal testimonies again and again; like a really perfect fruit salad, it’s the shades of variation that make each significant, even the various familiar emotional beats.
Or perhaps it’s proof that there is something within the air this summer, a honeyed fragrance tinged through lush fruit and a ripe longing for home wafting on the breeze. The season can be fleeting, however, cut fruit summer is all the time.

2 Visual evolution of writing
Evolution of writing is meditated in its visual traits. We can without problems, see the salient visual distinction between alphabets and pictographs. Alphabet is a standardized set of letters. They commonly incorporate tens of letters and are derived from complicated pictographic scripts. Pictographs are complicated and large in amount. It is understandable to assume that they have got not developed visually. If developed visually, why turning into less complicated in preference to greater complex? If writing is taken as visible artwork, it ought to evolve in the direction of more complexity. However, writing is a way of conversation, representing and recording information. The readability, convenience, efficiency and suitability for studying accordingly grow to be a predominant difficulty. At the beginning, drawings were to depict something immediately, as pix. They were organized normally in lines to symbolize, which means continuously. Apparently, the complicated pictographs are not clean to understand, decreasing studying accuracy. It influences the reading fluency considering extra time is spent fixating at one pictograph before transferring to the next. Complex symbols are discarded or simplified to facilitate linear studying. Some symbols had less complicated and clearer visual pattern and have been extra frequently used. Long-time passed, only a set of symbols are left and standardised. We name them alphabets. The reduction in variety, simplification and standardization facilitate visual manipulation and memorization, main the alphabets to supersede pictographs. Alphabetic writing is greater appropriate for reading than pictographic systems. We use the phrase ‘legibility’ to indicate the idea ‘match for studying’, which we suppose is the vital in evolution.
How legibility takes effect? What is the mechanism, then? In the existing international, texts explode. Through net, possible effortlessly find texts of any situation. The scope of the written global is simply indefinite.
Nonetheless, the text still accommodates primary character symbols. The analysis may be achieved at the symbols and collection of symbols. By clearly analyzing the symbols, we aren’t overwhelmed by the explosion. These symbols are read and written via human. They have an impact on human beings via the eyes and brain. Legibility precept originates at some point of analyzing, after which operates in wondering and writing even as visible info is saved and processed inside the brain. Although legible symbols can be arranged properly and read less complicated, the visible patterns themselves aren’t the reason for studying. People study because the analyzing material reflects actual international which is of the reader’s hobby. Reading cloth is existent beforehand. They must learn and use present system irrespective of its legibility and generally tend to study the symbols they’re familiar [2] with. However, Texts of different degrees of legibility have exclusive results. Legible writing is easily read, memorized, processed with the aid of brain and written out. Legible writing impresses the eyes deeper and operates inside the brain greater correctly and strongly. More writings of more legibility are study and produced than people with much less legibility. After processing via the mind, the textual content written out tends towards being higher patterned than those which can be studied. That is to say. Legible writings have more electricity to stimulate one to write down. As an end result, the writings produced later have a tendency to be extra legible than the earlier, converting the arrival of the writing machine. Legibility is individual-structured. Individual’s writing adjustments aren’t at the identical tempo. Change of a writing machine is a result of adjustments made by all individuals’ written works. The appearance of put up-trade gadget commonly does no longer differ completely from pre-trade gadget. This evolution is a long-time method and can grow to be major after generations.

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