The joint raids of the police and district administration continued at Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s Mohammad Ali Jauhar University in Rampur on Wednesday whilst his son Abdullaha Azam turned into detained for growing challenge in authorities paintings.
Rampur SP Ajaypal Sharma said over 2,500 uncommon stolen books had been recovered from the university’s library till now.

“Azam’s son and SP MLA Abdullah Azam has been detained for obstructing the raids and growing hurdles inside the government paintings,” Sharma told PTI.
Investigation in the case commenced on June sixteen after Zubair Khan, most important of Oriental College in Rampur, earlier called Madarsa Aliya, lodged an FIR alleging over nine,000 books had been stolen and brought to the library in Jauhar University.
Madrasa Aliya is about 250 years antique.
“The raids which began the day prior to this (Tuesday) are continuing. Rare books were recovered there,” Director General of Police OP Singh advised PTI.
Presently 50 boxes of two,500 uncommon books with stamps have been recovered, a senior reliable stated, including the probe within the depend is on.
The recovered books are ancient and valuable, he stated.
Mohammad Azam Khan, a Samajwadi Party leader and the MP from the town, is the founder and chancellor of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University.

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