A “climate of fear” has evolved at Swansea University, in line with its sacked former vice-chancellor.
Prof Richard Davies changed into brushed off for gross misconduct at the side of Prof Marc Clement, dean of the control college.
Prof Davies has advised the Welsh Government to analyze how the academic institution is being run.
The college said it “strongly denies his allegations” and he turned into seeking to “deflect attention from his very own behavior”.
Prof Davies, who had been in put up for 16 years but turned into suspended eight months in the past and sacked 4 days before his professional retirement date, said he might combat to restore his recognition.
He become one in all 4 group of workers contributors suspended in November, prompting an internal research and disciplinary system. They have all denied any wrongdoing.

Prof Davies claimed the allegations in opposition to him had been “groundless” but could no longer comment specially as he deliberate to appeal the selection.
“The real victim is fact [and] the whole college. I need to focus at once on what is been happening at the college over the last 9 months,” he said.
“I’m calling upon the Welsh Government and HEFCW (Higher Education Funding Council for Wales) to carry out an impartial investigation into what’s occurring at Swansea University, into the governance… What I see as screw ups within the college.”
He claimed the university had when you consider that “imploded on itself” and had “undermined all styles of major initiatives in the location”.

“I pay attention stories approximately a weather of worry on the college,” Prof Davies said.
“I’m honestly worried because Wales does not have enough excellent universities.
“It can not have the funds for to have any of these universities going into a few type of meltdown.”

Swansea University stated it had saved the Welsh Government and HEFCW knowledgeable throughout.
“It is disappointing that Richard Davies has sought to deflect attention from his very own behavior and that of others,” a spokesman said.
“The university strongly denies his allegations.
“The university did now not input into this system lightly and a thorough and impartial disciplinary, according with the university’s ordinances, has found there was serious misconduct, resulting in his dismissal.”
Both Prof Davies and the college stated they could not confirm info of the allegations, however they’re targeted on proposals for the development of a Wellness Village in Llanelli as a part of the Swansea Bay City Deal.
The Welsh Government stated the college become the world over recognized as an “fantastic” research and coaching institution.
“Regarding staffing problems, better education establishments are self sufficient bodies and this remains a matter for the college, in keeping with the assurance that Welsh Government has acquired from HEFCW as part of its regulatory oversight,” a spokesman brought.
The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales said it have been monitoring the state of affairs, however might not be making any decision on a assessment of governance in reaction to “unsubstantiated assertions” within the media.

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